Finding Healthier Alternatives in the Everyday

By: Zara Sharpe

Everyday, we have multiple choices to make. What should we have for dinner tonight? What route should we take to work? Do we have time for the gym? Should we go out this weekend, or work on that proposal? How shall we dress today? The list goes on and on.


For the most part, many of us have made these decisions before we even come to them, or we opt for the gut feeling. After all, for some reason we might crave the flavor of something spicy, while other times we may wish for comfort food. It is within all of this decision making that we, if we’re dedicated, can find time for healthier alternatives in the everyday.


Not only can this dedicated effort to select what works for you now and in the long term help you feel better and better as the days pass on, but it can naturally increase your inquisitiveness regarding self-optimization, what troublesome behaviors to remove from your life among many other forms of self-improvement.


So let us help you make some of those daily decisions with this ethos in mind:


Your Dietary Macros


It can often be that measuring what we eat, through the use of an app like MyFitnessPal, can help us figure out our eating habits. Not only can this break down the calories we ingest, but on average how many carbohydrates, how much sugar, how much protein and fat we consume. It might be worth considering lessening some of this. Perhaps you can’t figure out why you always feel lethargic and tired after a meal, only to realize that over 75% of your diet comes from carbohydrates. Switching out your dietary maros to healthier proportions, and supplementing well might be a healthy alternative to your usual diet, and also help you feel better on a daily basis.


Your Free Time


Heading to the bar for a drink with a couple of friends can be a fun time, but if you’re dedicated to health, it might not be the best option. It could be that learning from Daniel Fung of Watertown CT could give you a better idea surrounding MMJ and their offerings, and how that might factor into your life instead. Perhaps you may balance your interests and hobbies with regular gym attendance, or your nights playing video games by purchasing a standing desk for your monitor. Your free time can influence your life just as well as when you’re in ‘improve my life’ mode, so we’d certainly recommend optimizing that, too.


Finding What Works


Finding what works for you and your schedule can help you balance your life choices around that. Perhaps you usually feel awful if you wake up after the sun has risen, and so you wish to try and earlier bedtime. Perhaps the route you drive to work always irritates you, and going an extra five minutes each way might help you take a more scenic route. Never be afraid to find what works. It might help you in untold ways.


With these tips, we hope you can find healthier alternatives in the everyday.


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