ZENBands in Reader’s Digest

I’m happy to announce that ZENBands have been listed in Reader’s Digest Magazine and Wander Wellness Magazine! My mom reads both of those magazines, so I can’t wait for her to see them. 😉

Wander Magazine listed ZENBands as an essential wellness item for traveling.  ZENBands have also been listed in Reader’s Digest Magazine as a budget-friendly travel item that travel agents recommend.

I’m happy to hear this, because ZENBands are designed to be an affordable, versatile anxiety-reduction tool. Traveling can create a lot of anxiety.  If you struggle with travel anxiety,  I suggest using the ZENBand with our stress and anxiety-reducing ZENTones to help calm your nervous system. Put on the ZENBand, cover your eyes and listen to one of our anxiety-reducing ZENTone tracks. I’m a nervous flyer and do this every time I fly. If you want to sleep while you travel, listen to our Fall Asleep ZENTones. Each ZENTone is created with specific frequencies to create a desired mental state, and they require headphones or a ZENBand to work. If you want more information on  ZENTones or links to scientific studies, visit our FAQ page. 

The ZENBand can plug into your phone, Mp3 player or any of the lightening adapters for the i-phones. I ( Dr. Erin Stair) do not feel comfortable offering wireless ( or a Bluetooth version) at this time, because of the recent health concerns related to wireless exposure, especially when in close proximity to your brain. I’ve talked to enough researchers/doctors in this area to at least be cautious. If you listen to my podcast Causes Or Cures or read the interviews in my blog, you’ll find a lot of information from experts on this topic.

Anyhow, if you are planning a trip or have a long flight or train ride coming up, consider trying out the ZENBand. We have a lot of new colors in our shop, and I’m currently working with local artists to add more designs. Though traveling can be a lot of fun, it’s often very stressful for folks. We are happy to offer an all-natural, safe and easy-to-use tool that can help alleviate some of that stress.  Be sure to check out our current ZENTones package  as well.

If you use the bands or tones for anxiety, hypnobirthing, traveling, stress reduction, audiobooks or whatever…let me know what you think.  Leave us a review or post on social media and tag us. ( This is us on Instagram.)


Thanks guys and Happy Zenning,



Erin Stair, MD, MPH

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