ZENBands and Travel Anxiety Version


By: Erin Stair, MD, MPH

Hey gang,

I wanted to take a minute and share a video from our Instagram page that explains the ZENBand a bit more. I’m posting it now, during the holiday season, because a lot of folks use the ZENBand as a travel gadget. If you combine it with our ZENTones, especially the anxiety-reducing ZENTones, it can be an effective tool for travel anxiety. If you’re curious about why the tones can be helpful, check out the science on on our FAQs page here.

I hate to fly. Like most fears, it’s irrational. I used to try to avoid flying whenever possible and amusingly remember googling “ship” trips to Europe when I had scheduled meetings over there. Never would have made the meeting in time. For some reason, I don’t have an irrational fear of ships sinking, and if something should happen, I’m confident in my swim stroke and worst case scenario, my dead man’s float. I also don’t fear sharks. Aren’t fears fun, random and bizarre? 😉  To me, there’s something terrifying about having ZERO control inside a plane way above the ground, and having to let go and put all of your trust in a pilot you don’t know. Yet millions of people do it every day…

Anyhow, I use my ZENBand and listen to the Anxiety-Reducing ZENTones before each flight. I listen in the airport, every single time, and it helps calm my nerves. There are a variety of ZENTones to choose from, and each one runs about 30 minutes. You can download each on to whatever device you choose, or you can easily access them through our web-based App. I must say, ZENTones is better than what I used to do: Drink a ton of red wine on my way to the airport and at at airport, pass out on the plane, then wake up at my destination with a huge headache and dried-up sinuses.  Alcohol combined with cabin air is never a good thing.

Below is the video. The band can act as as an eye-mask too, and keeping out ambient light and worldly distractions optimizes the relaxation response. The video features holiday colors ( Cherry and Basil) but we have a bunch of other colors and designs you can choose from. They are stylish, camouflage bad travel hair, and no outside labels EVER, because I find them obnoxious. ( Hey, you never know who you might meet on the plane… 😉 ) Each band is 100% cotton, so no plastic. Fleece, polyester and spandex material all contain plastic, and we are trying to cut down on our use.

Don’t forget that the ZENTones are half off through the holiday season, because I really want folks to try them!

Most importantly, wherever you are going, travel wisely and have a good time. Life is short, enjoy each moment.


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