It’s Time to End Factory Farms

I know we are divided and reduced to Left vs Right. But can we please make a pledge to come together and end factory farms?

People get on my case for not taking a stronger stance on issues. I do, I just don’t blow-spit them in your face. Factory farming is one. So here it is: If you buy food originally from factory farms, you are complicit in a special kind of evil, whether you like it or not, and where the victims have no say and no vote. These places are horrid, and I promise most with a heart and a brain wouldn’t eat one speck of flesh if they witnessed what actually happens: brute, blunt animal torture. Factory farm advocates make every effort to keep these practices hidden, because they want you to stay ignorant and to keep buying the neatly packaged remains of tortured beings. Now I know some call it progress: the fruit of an industrial revolution and an efficient way to feed the masses. Yeah…so efficient we are a nation of Fat Asses. We’d do ourselves and our muffin tops a favor if forced to take a walk in the woods and hunt for our food.

Our country, and much of the world, is battling a growing obesity epidemic. Obesity is linked to higher rates of cancer, mental health issues, chronic pain issues, knee surgeries, back surgeries, sleep apnea, cardiac problems, strokes and the list goes on and on. It can’t hurt to cut back on sugar, I know, BUT it also can’t hurt to cut back on processed, hormone- filled, antibiotic- injected, factory-farmed meat. We are constantly bickering about how we will pay for healthcare, yet very few are willing to make healthier choices that help prevent long-term, costly health issues. That in itself is selfish.

I know change doesn’t happen over night, so for the Naysayers, at least make an effort to learn where your food comes from. You should know that anyhow, right? That’s Health101 and SelfCare101. Whether you cook in or eat out, take some time to learn where your food comes from.

I realize that poor people living in food deserts don’t have the luxury of healthier food choices. There is a reason obesity rates are higher in poor neighborhoods, and factory farms love poor people. Organic is not cheap. If you give a damn and are solution-oriented, try to figure out affordable ways to bring both education and organic CSA products ( Community Supported Agriculture) to nearby, impoverished neighborhoods. You’d be surprised at how creative you can get when it comes to cultivating a more conscious and cost-effective healthier lifestyle.

That’s enough blow-spitting for one day.

I shall now cease banging my keyboard and hope someone thinks about what I wrote.

Thanks for reading.



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