A Video Review of EMF Shields

I had a little fun with this. Perhaps too much, but I’m a sarcastic person.

I do want to note that the radiation expert I consulted with on how well this ( and all) EMF shields work is Dr. Andrew Karam. Stay tuned, because he is also going to post a piece on EMF radiation and potential harms.

Here is a review of an #EMF shield that I was asked and sent to review. For starters, I could not understand the science and had no way of measuring if it was really working, so I asked my good friend Dr. Andrew Karam, a #radiation expert who was in charge of the rad/nuke side of things at NYPD's Counterterror dept. Andy promised to write a more thorough review for the blog, and if you have ANY radiation and #health Questions, let me know. I will ask him and he will know the answer. My review is not holy, so take with a grain of salt. I think there is something to too much EMF exposure, but these "shield selling" companies might be playing off of our paranoia. If you are concerned, turn off your routers at night, or use your phone in airplane mode and don't hold your phone directly against your head. I have spoken to another health expert who says distant matters in terms of exposure. I probably wouldn't invest in a shield at this point. What do you guys think?

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