NonToxic Product to Clean Your Appliances!

Hey gang. Dr. Eeks here.

I usually make my own cleaning solutions that include ingredients such as water, essential oils and vinegar. I have different concoctions with different smells (some uplifting, some relaxing, some neutral…) under my sink. It’s really important to get intimate with your cleaning supplies. By intimate I mean read the ingredients and research what each one is and if it has any known health effects. A lot of cleaning products are mass-produced and stuffed with chemicals that are linked to various metabolic disorders, neurological issues, skin breakouts, respiratory issues and cancer. There are a lot of toxic, artificial and unhealthy brands on the market so I prefer to make my own cleaning solutions.

That said, I was recently at a wellness event in New York City, and received a sample of Lemi Shine Appliance Cleaner. It’s all-natural, non-toxic and doesn’t include any artificial fillers or dyes. It’s also free of phosphates. Phosphate additives, especially in food, are linked to health issues, such as kidney and heart problems.  Its main ingredients are citric acids, citric oils and sodium bicarbonate. I used it to clean my dishwasher and was very satisfied with how it worked.  The company advertises it as a cleaner for garbage disposals, washing machines and dishwashers, but my guess is you could use it on other appliances as well. I REALLY need to clean my Nutri-Bullet, so I’m going to research if I can use Lemi Shine for that.

If you try it, let me know what you think!  To visit the Lemi-Shine website, click here. 

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