The ZEN approach to Assholes





Assholes.  We all know one and we all have to deal with them. Sometimes they make us ridiculously angry and make us want to respond in unproductive, unkind ways that are less than zen.  And sometimes we choose to respond, even though responding does absolutely nothing for us in the long-run. Most of the time we end up embarrassing or hurting ourselves, and in the process, wasting a lot of precious time.

Still, we can’t avoid Assholes, because they are everywhere. If we can’t respond, what can we do? The answer is to feel sorry for them and to view asshole-ism as something they can’t help. The answer is to start raising awareness for Assholes and figuring out how we can end this terrible epidemic. One of my 2017 New Year Resolutions was to adopt this ZEN approach to Assholes.  Please watch the video below and help me raise awareness for Assholes.

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