The problems with corporate wellness fat-shaming programs

Hi all. Eeks here.

I’m posting a link to a story for which I was interviewed which describes the dark side of corporate wellness programs.  The dark side is company weight loss programs that result in outright fat-shaming.  Here’s the link:  The dark side of corporate wellness

Let me know what you think about the article and how you feel about fat-shaming, especially fat-shaming at the workplace.  I’m particularly interested in hearing from someone who claims fat-shaming helped him/her lose weight. I’m not naive, and I’m sure such a technique has motivated someone, somewhere, to lose weight. Sometimes a negative comment or action hurts us initially, but then motivates us more than anything in the long run.

I also want to be clear on something: I’m not for coddling  unhealthy weights or unhealthy behaviors. I’m not for telling fat people, “It’s okay,” or “Fat is the new black, ” or “Big is beautiful.” Excess fat kills people, and I’m not in the business of making someone feel good about something when they shouldn’t.  I’m not for  outlawing the practice of calling someone “fat” for the sake of political correctness and protecting feelings.  Political correctness is utterly fraudulent, because any words disallowed from being said publicly are most certainly being said privately. I hate fraudulence so I hate political correctness.

That said, I’m sure fat people know they are fat. It’s not a mystery. There’s just no evidence that calling someone fat or shaming someone because he/she is fat motivates him/her to lose weight. That’s the real reason I’m against fat-shaming. Fat-shaming is shown to marginalize people and make theme feel bad about themselves without motivating them or getting them to lose weight. It’s all negatives and no positives, so what’s the point of fat-shaming besides the ability to flex one’s asshole muscles?


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  1. I agree. Political correctness is an invention of unemployed persons who only want to manipulate people.
    Being fat should not be ashamed of, much less and bulling.
    I know people who are overweight and are more agile than many skinny there.

  2. I agree when you say you don’t need to call fat people fat to motivate them to lose weight. Obviously they are aware of their weight and to create a negative perspective about this issue is cruel… to say the least. The world is not so simpler. Like if you’re fat you’re miserable and ugly and if you’re skinny you’re beautiful and healthy. I know people who are skinny and have diabetes and high blood pressure, for example. So bottom line I believe the main point is being healthy… It’s all about health. And not about how you look in the mirror because unhealthy people look awful it doesn’t matter what the scale shows.

  3. I agree with you. Calling someone fat does not make him/her motivated. As a fat woman myself, I hate these corporate wellness programs. I would rather my company donates those huge amount of money wasted to charities LOL!

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