An Honest Review on our Anxiety Relief & Sleep ZENTones Program from a Combat Veteran

I’m really passionate about finding effective alternatives to help veterans struggling with the invisible scars of war and helping them integrate back into civilian life.  I receive a lot of emails from veterans seeking natural solutions to PTSD symptoms. They are tired of pharmaceutical cocktails and tired of the side effects. I can’t blame them. Medication is, yes, absolutely necessary at times. But it does not feel right to me to see so many young twenty-thirty year olds with the pill boxes of eighty-ninety year olds.

As I mentioned in previous blogs, my West Point classmate, Tony Fantasia, started Vetcraft to teach combat veterans struggling with PTSD a craft to help them cultivate Zen, mindfulness and overcome symptoms. He has had outstanding success. I teamed up with him and offered ZENBands and ZENTones as an additional alternative therapy. Several of his students signed on to use the ZENTone sound programs, and because I’m a tyrant about collecting feedback, I strongly encouraged several of them to keep notes on their experiences. I want to know what works for who, and while it is subjective data, it can still carry a lot of weight, especially for ailments such as anxiety, depression, stress,etc., that don’t really have specific objective measures.

Back in July, one of the veterans sent me photos of a diary he was keeping. I am posting two of his entries below, with his permission. Name is kept private, of course.  His feedback tremendously helped me, and I think it also can help others who are considering trying the ZENTone program. I took screenshots of the diary he sent me and have posted below. I’m pretty sure it is clear enough to read, but if not, drop me a note and I shall transcribe it.  🙂






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