A Review on our ZENBand and Fall Asleep ZenTones Program from Combat Veteran Mike

The following review on our ZENTones program and ZENBand was submitted by Michael Sweeney in Texas. He’s a combat veteran, and we thank him for his service and are happy to be helping him in return.  You can plop down anywhere to Zen Out with ZenTones.  ( Just don't get mugged)


“Before incorporating ZenTones into my sleep routine, I mainly relied on medication. The sleep that I was able to get was always interrupted and never completely restful.  It took me hours of laying in bed to fall asleep.  My friend, Tony, informed me about ZenTones, and I was at the point where I was willing to try anything to improve my situation.

At first, I was a little uncomfortable, because I was unaccustomed to wearing anything while trying to sleep, but the ZENBand did significantly help in this area.  The product helps lower stress, tension, and helps relax you before going to sleep. I also enjoy the different ZenTone selections. Since I started using ZenTones and my ZenBand, I require less medication and fall asleep much faster. This product has greatly increased my quality of life.”

– Michael Sweeney


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