Jen & Alicia’s Review of our Headache Relief ZENTones Program


The following review was sent in from Jen & Alicia out of Dallas, Texas, who also sent in a great looking photo of the two of them to boot! 😉 

I had a migraine hit me like a ton of bricks. I was dizzy, nauseous, and had severe noise and light sensitivity. I started listening to the Headache Relief Sound Program on a low level, but was able to gradually increase the volume. After the first time through, I had greatly improved, but still had some lingering headache pain behind my eyes. I listened to it another time through, and the headache was completely gone. Of course I was tired, but the pain was gone, no dizziness, nausea,or noise/light sensitivity. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone that has migraines or chronic headaches, and have several times. One of my friends was prescribed Imitrex for her migraines, but lately has stopped the medication and now uses the tones instead for relief.

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