A review from Combat Veteran, Jonathan Taylor, on our Depression ZenTones Program:




The following review was written by Jonathan Taylor, one of our Depression Zentone Program Users: 

Although I have always suffered from mild depression, my symptoms have become much more severe since returning from Afghanistan where I was a combat medic in 2009 and 2010. Since that time, my depression come in cycles, and can be overwhelming. I have learned to cope with these cycles through series of activities and exercise. Those activities are generally hobbies that require concentration but are repetitive in nature. Unfortunately, sometimes those coping mechanisms fail. Sometimes, bit by bit, I find myself more and more depressed, until I begin to stop doing those activities, then stop exercising and then I stop sleeping. The insomnia drives anxiety on top of the depression, and spirals down quickly after that. I suffer, as does my wife and children, from when I can’t cope anymore.

Tony Fantasia, a long time friend and fellow medic, introduced me to ZENTones a couple of months ago to help with my insomnia and depression. They work. I don’t use them all the time, but now, when I am experiencing increased depression or I start to find it difficult to sleep, I will play them while I clean around the house or do any of my hobbies. They buy me time to sleep, to get just a little better, and to stop slipping down to feeling more and more hopeless. Something about them, when used like this for me, helps break that cycle. I still get depressed, but if I can break that cycle I can recover, and the tones help me do just that.

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