Pretty Candid Review on Our Anxiety Relief ZenTones from Wade M..

Thanks for sending this in, Wade M, and for your honesty!! – Eeks

I had never had an anxiety attack before. I had no idea what they were like. Then I discovered my wife was cheating continuously and I watched what I thought was a stable life begin to unravel before me. This had a physiological impact on me whereupon I experienced shaking extremities, an inability to control my breathing, and the complete lack of focus associated to sensations of panic. Varying bursts of these attacks just wouldn’t stop and they impacted my work performance and my ability to sleep at night.

I started using the anxiety relief program from Blooming Wellness last summer. For the longest time, it was the only way I was able to fall asleep at night. In many cases, the sound programs were able to soothe the attacks such that I was asleep within minutes. Even after reading the science, I admit that I was skeptical at first that nothing but sub-audible, stereo tones could have such a profound effect. But you can’t beat such a low price to try something out … and with the resumption of sleep, I began to feel better during the day and was better able to restore control over my condition. I still use the program periodically when the situation becomes overwhelming and it works well for bringing back peace and order.

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