PTSD is Real. And it Kills. A Guest Blog Post on PTSD United from Executive Director, Josh Rizzo


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I am honored to be on the board of PTSD United ( which is a wonderful online network for those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or have a loved one who suffers.  It is run by one of my fellow West Point graduates  and great friend and great mind and great person, Josh Rizzo, who saw a need, had a vision and made PTSD United happen. While the military currently “owns” PTSD, because so many soldiers are afflicted, any person who faced any sort of trauma can be troubled with PTSD.  While there are a wide array of symptoms, PTSD can bring the strongest people to their knees. It can ruin lives, isolate people from friends and family, sideline people from enjoying the beauty life has to offer, and it has caused people to end their lives or the lives of others.  Those who suffer from it are often shy or scared or unwilling to talk about their struggles in person, whether it be to an expert, a friend or a buddy. Many people, unfortunately, are embarrassed and feel inadequate and ashamed.  While no one SHOULD feel that way, unfortunately the fight against the stigma against those who are mentally burdened has a long way to go.   To deny that, would be unfair to those who are struggling and deserve to be in the know. That’s why I firmly believe the online network, PTSD United, is fantastic. It gives people anywhere, at anytime, the opportunity to anonymously plug into a great network of empathetic individuals and share and learn and connect, and also be offered a  wealth of helpful information. You don’t get THAT in real life!  🙂  I hope that anyone who could benefit from such a network visits the site and plugs in. You’ll be happy that you did.  —  Dr. Eeks



BY: Executive Director Josh Rizzo 

Like millions of others, I deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on a daily basis. I’ve been dealing with this for years and never really found a comfortable way to share what I’m feeling. I’d wake up in the mornings next to my girlfriend with a pillow soaked in tears with no idea why. I went to the VA to speak with someone and was offered a group therapy session, which I didn’t feel comfortable doing (I’m not sure if it’s generational or bravado).

After that trip to the VA, I started digging into the idea of PTSD with what is now the team from PTSD United that built We learned in detail the pandemic issues PTSD presents in our society. PTSD affects many more than Soldiers and veterans like myself – it’s even more prevalent with abuse victims, survivors, friends and family of the affected, and many others.

We’ve spent the last year designing, developing, and funding the world’s first fully anonymous and free social network for people dealing with PTSD in any manner (

PTSD United ( is a compliment to any and all traditional medical organizations. It’s somewhere that people can connect any time of day with others suffering and realize that they’re not alone!

Our goal right now is to let people know that they are not alone and there is a home for them at

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