Rest in Peace- A Tribute to My Nana, Peggy Clinton, Who Decided To Trade this World in for One Better


Throwback Thursday. Figured I’d honor my Nana, Peggy Clinton, today, who left this world last night to reunite with her love, Donny, my Papa. This picture was taken at my high school spring concert. If this photo says anything, she couldn’t keep her eyes off my Papa, so I can’t begin to imagine how much she missed him. And now they’re back together. Typical Irish, just in time for St. Patty’s day. I am confident she is in a better place, and after the suffering she endured these last couple of years in her Earth suit, I am relieved she finally ditched it and happy that her soul is now free.

She was a great grandmother. A kind and funny woman with impeccable style and killer dance moves, especially when it came to the Pennsylvania Polka and the Chicken Dance, none of which I inherited. I have fond memories of summer swims, winter snow forts, an always home-cooked Sunday night dinner after my soccer game, and sitting on the back porch swing where I willingly spilled the family gossip like a little shit. I loved sleeping over at Nana’s, because I always got pancakes in the morning and not that healthy stuff my mom and dad always made. Nana’s was also the go-to place for bike riding and trick-or-treating since my parents lived next to cows and a cemetery, and as a kid you don’t want cow manure or a good epitaph for Halloween, you want candy and lots of it.
She was always proud of the flowers in her yard- and rightly so, they were beautiful. Some of them will bloom this spring and summer, especially those yellow ones from Ireland that have gone crazy. I will surely think of her when they pop up this year. She also had the best trees in town- and kept all of them, even the old Crab Apple tree and even after I would recruit my Sugar Notch friends and regularly host crab apple wars in her backyard. She was my longest living grandparent who, unlike the others, ate whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it: KFC, donuts, regular ol’ butter, pound cakes, ice cream, you name it—and she never had diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, but she did have the most amazing complexion and so few wrinkles that plastic surgeons would visit her and try to figure out her secret. So thank you, Nana, for single-handedly undoing everything I learned in medical school. I am lucky to have had you for so long and I am a better person for it and we will all love and miss you, including your best feline fan, AWOL.


Love always,


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