Chemicals You Should Avoid if You are Pregnant or Have Young Kids!

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Dr. Eeks here.

This is a slide of chemicals that I think pregnant women should avoid as well as mothers of young children. In other words, kids should minimize their contact with these chemicals. While this list is controversial and this area is in dire need of more research, these are chemicals that I wouldn’t have around me if I were pregnant or had young kids. There is evidence, though not “robust” in certain cases, that each of these chemicals potentially harm the neurological system and developing brains of young kids.  They have been linked to mental retardation, birth defects, lowered Iqs, autism, mental disorders and neurological symptoms.  On the left hand of the slide is the chemical’s name. On the right hand side are things that commonly contain each chemical.  A lot of these chemicals are in pesticides and/or insecticides, so I would avoid using them altogether. There are natural ways to minimize pests.  This is also why you should eat Organic when you can, because organic farmers do not use such pesticides and therefore you will reduce your exposure to them.  Adults should minimize their exposure to these chemicals, too, however young kids and fetuses are more at risk because they are still developing.

Anyhow, take a look.  As I said before, a lot more research is needed on the harmful effects of chemicals. Since I am on the overly cautious side, however, these are chemicals I myself would avoid if I were pregnant and/or had young kids.


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