Introducing Barnaby, the new Blooming Wellness Mascot

Hi gang!

It’s my belief that every website ( especially a health and wellness website) needs a furry mascot. Why? Because pets make us feel better and are proven to be good for our health.  If you don’t believe me, you can check out an old blog post I wrote on exactly that: Why pets are good for our health .  Read it to learn how pets can help with depression, weight loss, obesity, anxiety, mental illnesses and stress reduction.

AWOL, my black cat of 12 years, is one mascot.  She’s helped me through many trying times and deserves a gold medal in pet therapy.  You’ll have to read my memoir to see how and why she helped me so much. Here is a photo of  AWOL. Forgive the trash bags in the background, but, you know, everyone has trash bags and I’m not good with photoshop.  😉


Recently, I also adopted a male Goldendoodle puppy, Barnaby.   I was nervous about having and raising a puppy in NYC, because people in NYC are either REALLY “dog people” or REALLY “non dog people.” I know this well, because I was a dog walker/runner in NYC several years ago so I could make extra money while finishing up medical school.  I remember having to deal with a lot of shit- dog shit (literally) AND people shit (metaphorically) every day.  The “dog people” are great, but because NYC is so crowded, there are also a lot of  “non dog people” who don’t miss an opportunity to point out when you 1) don’t “curb” your dog 2) don’t pick up ALL of your dog’s poop or 3) don’t discourage your dog from attempting to say a happy hello to them.  Oh, well.  It’s good training. Part of life is learning how to deal with people who suck.

Speaking of “non dog people,”  here’s a story for you:  Barnaby hasn’t been neutered yet, because he’s too young. He will be neutered by my dad, a veterinarian,when he’s 6 months old. That means Barnaby has budding puppy hormones which occasionally manifest as him enthusiastically humping legs and, well, other things, such as the edge of his puppy bed. Oh, well.  It’s nature, right?  Anyhow, I had him out and about in Union Square the other day to get some fresh air and have him socialize a bit.  And socialize he did!  I was carrying him and put him down for a few seconds so he could walk around and stretch his legs.  I’m not sure what inspired him, but he immediately went over to a stranger-lady’s leg and began humping it.  I apologized and pulled him off right away, so it wasn’t like a leg “love-making” session. It was a standard leg hump- wham, bam, and less than 4 seconds.   Still, she was not happy. She began yelling about dogs and inconsiderate NYC dog owners to the point that when she stated for the umpteenth time, “You really need to control your dog,”  I looked at her and said in an accusatory tone, “Really? You were leading him on.”  Her jaw dropped and my comment threw her for a loop. I loved every second of it. 😉

I should be thankful for moments like that, though. The woman is giving me free training on how to deal with difficult people, and Lord knows that is a valuable life skill.  So thank you, stranger-lady in Union Square, and thank you, leg-humping puppies.  You are all helping me evolve…or something. 😉

But I digress.  This blog is really to introduce you to Barnaby.  Below is a video introduction by yours truly, along with a few photos and captions.   🙂

On a hammock with Eeks. Lookin deceivingly demure…


Speaking of “deceivingly demure…”   (” What? Of course I had nothing to do with your missing shoes and socks. I’ve been in my bed all afternoon!”)


I just discovered that pulling hair is so much FUN!!!!! 😉


Just resting… I promise. Yep, on a sneaker…


Despite odors of the past, this picture alone has convinced Eeks’ that her feet smell like roses.


Dr. Eeks is doing resistance band training? Oh, I can do this exercise too!!  In fact, I’ll just take hers.


“It is ridiculous how many people stop me on the street just to pet me. I have more Facebook photos out there than most celebrities. I’m a sidewalk rockstar!”  – Barnaby

If you want to make friends or need a new girlfriend or boyfriend, just. get. a. dog. Seriously. People will be on you like flies on pie. – Eeks.


“I won’t  eat the rocks behind me…I won’t eat the rocks behind me… Eeks will be mad at me if I eat those rocks. But I reallllly want to eat those rocks.”


“Bitches love me.” – Barnaby.   😉


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  1. this little guy is so adorable….pets are such saving graces….and of course we all know that dog spellt backwards is god….thank you!

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