Anti-aging, Fast & Easy Coconut & Honey Homemade Face Mask


  As most of you know, I make my own skin creams, because that way I know exactly what’s in my cream and therefore I know exactly what goes on my face.  I refuse to spend a ton of money for “anti-aging/ miracle/ super-moist/ antioxidant-abundant…etc….” skin cream, because most of their claims are bullshit.  It’s that simple. Their huge success often comes down to a few strong marketing buzz words.  “Anti-aging” is up there with “Detox” in terms of marketing potential.  ( Which is obviously why I included it in my blog title. 😉 )  That said and cynicism aside, there are some great natural skin creams out on the market, and I rely on them when I don’t feel like playing chemistry in my kitchen.  🙂



 One of the easiest and healthiest face masks you can make in your own kitchen includes 2 ingredients: Honey and Pure Coconut Oil.  I use local honey, as well.  I usually use 1/2 cup of Coconut Oil and then add in a tbspoon of honey, and mix in a bowl till I’m satisfied with the consistency. Then I rub it all over my face and neck and let it sit there for 45 minutes to an hour. Now, everyone is different, in case you didn’t know.  You might prefer a different mask consistency than me, so as you are stirring the ingredients of your face mask together, decide which consistency is best for you.
I always use local honey and PURE coconut oil. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the best combination.  In case you would like more information on the healing benefits of honey or coconut oil, you are in luck, because I already have written 2 blogs on them.  And here they are : Honey  and Coconut Oil. 

I must warn you that this combination will smell SO good and smell SO sweet that you will want to eat your face off. Seriously.  If you live in a house full of flies, I would use this face mask with caution. You might be attacked.



Today’s Nature Therapy: 
I took this photo  when I went to the beach recently.  It’s a personal favorite. It’s calming and when I look at it, I remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful for in my life.

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